Germination of the Blog

Well, this is it: the germination of my blog. The seeds of inspiration have been sown, and the faint light of my confidence has sparked its growth.

Right now, I am a soon-to-be second year university student in Canada, studying Psychology and Linguistics. I am shy to talk to anyone new , i.e. anyone that tries to approach me or anyone I have to approach because they are blocking the ice cream in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store. I love reading and sometimes do it more often than I should, at the expense of my homework (solution to that found in first year: English electives with tons of required readings). I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which plays a major role in my daily life. I have developed a recent interest in yoga, and I hope to muster up enough confidence to attend classes and see where it takes me. I am also interested in becoming more physically active because apparently doing yoga poses at 2AM while stuffing my face with Clif bars to keep me awake enough to study for my biology final doesn’t really qualify (thought I was doing pretty good with that one–talk about multi-tasking). Ultimately though, I am a wallflower. I live in the white spaces between the text of the stories of other people. While that means I usually go unnoticed, which I like, it also means that I have managed to live the last 18 years of my life as someone who observes the lives of others instead of participating in my own and making it what I want it to be.

I do not know what this blog will grow into, and I cannot guarantee what you may find on here; perhaps something of a lifestyle/humour/beauty/growth and development/fitness blog. So really, a mish-mash of anything going on in my life. But there will be one constant: my posts will be about my experiences, both good or bad, as a result of me participating in life and trying new things, not just standing on the sidelines and watching other people live their lives, only to feel slightly envious at the great lives they have. It took me awhile to realize that no one is born with the perfect wonderful life (ok, maybe some are, but the majority aren’t), and that people craft their lives to be how they want them to be, and I must do the same. 

Now that my blog has taken root, let my wallflower metamorphosis begin!!!

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