Oribe Split End Seal Review

Oribe hair products have been used to style the tresses of two November 2014 magazine cover girls: Natalia Vodianova for Vogue and Jennifer Lawrence for Vanity Fair. Since these products are award-winning and notoriously expensive, imagine my surprise when I went to get my hair coloured yesterday and found my hair salon carrying these products!!!

Now, everyone has one beauty realted thing that just drives them up the wall, and mine is split ends. I get it, I have long hair, so I will have a few split ends here and there, guaranteed. But what I despise more than anything is seeing them silhouetted against the backdrop of a black jacket or dress!!! I know no one else can see them, but I feel as though there is a giant neon arrow blinking above my head and pointing down at me saying, “She neglects her hair; lookie here!!!”

So I treated myself. After much deliberation over whether I wanted to spend this much on one hair product, I realized that it is the only product I really need, if not for the health of my hair, then at least for my sanity, so I picked up the Oribe Split End Seal Beautiful Colour Treatment for $46. It has such beautiful packaging, and the bottle is so fancy:




My stylist applied it to my hair yesterday, and already my hair feels smoother and healthier than it has in a really long time. And no split ends!!!

This product should be applied before you blow dry your hair each time. Using two squirts per side of your hair, smear it on your palms, and then, with palms flat, run them down either side of your hair, allowing the seal to coat all of your hair. By applying it in a downward motion, this will allow the seal to fuse split ends back together, as well as strengthen hair strands to prevent future breakage.

I may not need a bunch of hair products, but this one is being added to my arsenal of hair care essentials!!!

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