Wallflower Wish List: Bring on the Spring!!!

Alright, it has been WAY  too long since I posted. I have now learned my lesson that taking six university courses in one term is just overkill and doesn’t leave much time for blogging, or for anything else really. But to kick off 2015, I wanted to do a wish list post about new items that I am just dying to purchase and wear for spring given it’s been raining for weeks straight in my little city. I hope you enjoy!!!

Picture 8

Guess Babbitta floral pumps $120

Spring is the perfect season for little white dresses, and what better way to add a little colour than with floral pumps like these??? I just think these are so adorable, and they could be worn casually with a white lace dress out for lunch, or they could dress up a classic little black dress to make any evening wear a little bit more fun. These shoes may  be outside of the footwear budget for some, but signing up for Guess’ email list means free shipping and an extra 15% off!!!; definitely worth it. Also, for a limited time, Guess has duty-free shopping and free shipping on orders of $125+.

Guess strapless polka-dot dress $128

Guess strapless polka-dot dress

Another super cute Guess find that I came across while scooping up some unbelievably good deals online last week (expect a post about that) was this little black and white polka-dot dress. Made of chiffon with a fit-and-flare silhouette, I fell in love, as this is my default dress style. This dress, like the pumps above, has the potential to be the centerpiece of either a day or night look: toss on a little black shrug and some flats and bam, you’re ready for a day out, or slip into some black heels and grab a clutch and enjoy your night out.




Collectif Dorothy tulle floral swing dress $285

Collectif Dorothy tulle floral swing dress

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I really, really, really (picked up on the emphasis yet?) like my florals. Like love. I know no limits. I’ll even take grandma florals. Anywho, while I won’t be adding this dress to my floral collection (bit of a hefty price tag for me), I just had to include it in this post, because it is so fresh and springy, and I think it would be perfect for an afternoon tea out on a patio overlooking sprawling green hills and a lake in the distance . . . ok, so maybe I have a few fantasies, but you can’t deny that this dress would look mighty fine on that patio with some pink pumps perfectly crossed under the table.


Ted Baker Pataj full skirt dress

Ted Baker Pataj full skirt dress

 I may have included this Ted Baker number in another wish list post, but I saw it online and knew it had to be brought up again. Colour-block dresses are so fresh and, once again, go anywhere. Basically that is what I look for in a dress. If I’m not shopping for a dress for a specific occasion (dinner party, graduation, wedding) then I want it to be versatile and be able to go anywhere. Dresses with a full skirt like this one are super comfortable, and the skirt makes them look a little dressy (no pun intended) so they can be paired with any footwear and be worn to a multitude of places. What I really like about this dress in particular is the exposed zip fastening on the back, which unfortunately cannot be seen in this picture but, trust me, it’s there. This dress will be a new addition to my spring wardrobe soon enough!!!

Garage back cutout fit & flare dress $34.95

Garage back cutout fit & flare dress

Alright so this dress is from a store called Garage that, if my memory serves me correctly, only exists in Canada. It has some really cool clothes, and has just brought in some of its spring stuff, like this dress here. Though it isn’t visible in the picture, since I wanted to show off the front of the dress more than the back, it has two cutouts: one horizontally across the shoulder blades, and the other horizontally across the small of  the back. I absolutely love Garage dresses because they are made of super light fabric, and actually go really nicely with some low top white converse runners. Also, they are affordable, and go on sale a lot, so it is very possible to scoop up $20 dresses every now and then, supplementing the wardrobe without spending a whole bunch of money.

The last edition to this wish list post is a pair of Hunter boots, which, unfortunately, I was not able to get a photo of in here (uploading problems . . . .). I know they aren’t exactly flattering, but if you live in a rainy city like I do, then you’ll know that the rainy season extends well into spring, and rain boots are a must-have. And I can attest to this having personally worn such an ensemble on many an occasion, spring dresses do look good with rain boots, at least in some cases.

So that’s it for this wish list. I hope it’s inspired you to infuse some new pieces into your spring wardrobe. Please feel free to share any recommendations you might have for spring wardrobe items 🙂 🙂

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1 Response to Wallflower Wish List: Bring on the Spring!!!

  1. I have missed your doses of fashions to add to my fantasy wardrobe! That floral tulle number is gorgeous (and pricey!). You make me want a whole new spring wardrobes!


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